Inclusion Criteria

"… the Commission shall…establish a clearinghouse of information on the availability of accessible products and services and accessibility solutions required under sections 255, 716, and 718. Such information shall be made publicly available on the Commission's website and by other means, and shall include an annually updated list of products and services with access features."
--Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010, Section 717 (d).

Our goal is to create a useful, reliable, and reusable resource for individuals seeking accessible products and services and accessibility solutions to give them full access to our nation's communication revolution.

Over the next few years we will be increasing the Clearinghouse's listings from a variety of sources. To have your product, service, accessibility solution, or related resource listed in this Clearinghouse your information needs to meet our inclusion criteria:

Related to communications. Listings are specifically related to wire and wireless telecommunications like telephony and telephony products, broadcasting (radio, television), mobile communications (mobile phones), SMS, broadband, Internet and other advanced information communications technologies. We determine what is related to communications in accordance with Section 255 of the Telecommunications of 1934 as amended by the Telecommunications Act of 1996; and sections 716 and 718 of the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010.

Credible and attributable. Listings must be from an identifiable public source that would be regarded as being factual and responsible with respect to the information presented. Examples of credible and attributable listings include information from product manufacturers, service providers, industry groups or collaborations, recognized expert organizations and publishers, and government-funded resources.

Descriptive. Listings should have a distinct title and contain at least summary descriptive information. Descriptions that include organized fields to which to categorize and the filter the information by relevant disability or geographic region or other means is more useful.

Linkable and contactable where possible. Listings that include a direct link so individuals can take further action are more likely to be included. Convenience contact points for individuals with disabilities are also helpful.

Machine-processable and maintainable. The source material for a listing or a collection of listings should be presented in structured, machine-readable formats enabling the Commission to automatically collect the information on a scheduled daily or weekly basis. Examples include an XML feed, CSV file, or web service API, or microformats. For select and limited information that requires initial manual entry, such as a link to a product or services or solution specification sheet, it is critical that we can automate validating the information remains available.

Shareable. Listings information must include permission for the FCC and others to use and re-publish the information without costs. Our ideal arrangement is usage terms (e.g., a license) which allows the information to be widely distributed and permits derivative works. We believe it is in everyone's benefit to make the information available virally so all parties can tailor the information to different platforms and to different audiences. The Creative Commons offers prepared licenses to support sharing. We will consider other usage terms on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact us at regarding being listed in the Clearinghouse. Include a contact name and phone number, and a short description of the products or services you offer.